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Services by Gary Grey Project Manager

Here are some brief descriptions of a few of the many services we provide. Please contact us for more information on these and many other services. Also, please see our portfolio page for specific project details and photos from some of our recent projects.

Land Clearing

Gary Grey Project Manager Land clearing is our number-one specialty. It is also where our project managment can begin for you. We clear everything from less then an acre to the largest acreage needed. Using various machines and all Husqvarna chainsaws, clearing is quick and efficent. Whether clearing only trees and brush or doing a complete finish (digging stumps and roots), the three excavators with thumb attachments help throughout the process. We can also burn (pending permits) or chip the waste created with doing small or large scale clearing. Our ability to clear land is also enhanced with the use of a Caterpiller track skid-steer with a 15" tree shear and grapple. We have completed clearings for ponds, houses, driveways, wildlife food plots, fields, nurseries, and many other projects.

Brush Chipping

We recently purchased a Morbark Hurricane 18" drum chipper. Thi allows us to not only chip large amounts of forest waste, but is also mobile enough for residential work. One tree or hundreds of trees, no job is too big or too small. We also sell wood chips. We can leave a pile for you from your own trees or deliver the kind of chips you want.

Ponds - Excavating

We dig it! If you always wanted a pond in your yard/estate we dig 'em! Everything from small reflecting pools to large acre ponds. With three excavators ranging from 48,000 to 10,000lbs, we can move all the earth you need. We also excavate foundations, irrigation, electric and water line, you name it we we'll dig it.

Wildlife Habitats

Along with our excavating, land clearing, and pond projects, we can also create wildlife habitats for any type of wildlife whether it be game livestock or conservation purposes. From ponds for fishing and ducks to deer management and other types of wildlife/hunting preservations we are experienced at all kinds of habitats.

Deer/Game Fencing

Gary Grey Project Manager Establishing habitats for various kinds of animals often requires fencing. No job is too small or too big, we can provide you with 10' of fence or several miles. Keeping in livestock? No problem. We build all sorts of livestock fence for cattle, horses, sheep, goats, etc. Trying to keep deer in or out? We specialize in deer fencing. With our state of the art fence stretcher, we can pull fence fast while making it stronger then the competition. We can also get into areas other companies cannot. With our rubber tracked Multi-terrain loader(skid-steer) we use a hydraulic drill with either dirt or rock augers. Having lots of rock is no problem.


We sell firewood year-round! Dry seasoned wood or unseasoned green wood, whatever your preferance. Our firewood contains variuos types of hardwoods including oak, ash, hickory, locust, etc. We can also meet your special needs by providing you with only one type of wood like ash, oak, or hickory. Replenish your firewood supply today!

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