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About Gary Grey Project Manager


Gary Grey Project Manager began business in August 2001. We started with 1 owner/employee and have grown to more than 10 full/part-time employees. Our business centers on people that have more then one area of expertise. No one person does all the work. At GGPM, we find team based, multi-faceted, hard-working individuals enable us to maximize quality output.


Gary Grey Project Manager We provide many services in all areas of construction and demolition. Begining with the clearing of land, we can see your projects through to the finish. We can clear everything from the smallest pruning jobs to the commercial 50+ acre clearing. Upon completion, we will stay on the job to build you a pond, house or barn, fences, or any other project. There is no need to deal with many different companies or contracts. Gary Grey Project Manager gives you only one person to deal with while making your vision come true without all the headaches.


All our employees are actually project managers. We all have many different skills and when teamed with other GGPM workers, there isn't much we can't do!


Click here for pictures of many different type of jobs completed by GGPM! These are only a few of the jobs we have done, if you don't see us doing it, it doesn't mean we don't!


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